Environmental Legal Clinics

Group 28

Location: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Perú, South America


Partnership: Greening Curriculum


Language: Spanish


Format: Curriculum Development, Networking, Resource Development


Audience: Policymakers, Teachers

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Andrea Dominguez

Andrea is passionate about environmental legal education and developing alliances. She believes that law can give people tools to protect the environment against pollution and illegal activities. She has been teaching Law since 2012 at the University Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, in the Environmental Legal Clinic and has seen how the Environmental Legal Clinics model transforms societies by encouraging environmental legal education and giving lawyers a sense of purpose in developing a sustainability approach. Andrea has worked in many different areas of law including environmental justice, indigenous rights, land use and biodiversity conservation and her work has been both in the public and private sector. In her spare time she enjoys taking part in sport, practicing yoga being a mom to Paz and Joaquin.

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The creation of the Environmental Legal Clinics was motivated by the need to fulfil SDG16 and to meet the requirements of the 2030 Agenda which promotes just, peaceful and inclusive societies and the defence of the rule of environmental law. These stipulations are particularly relevant for managing the critical environmental situation, the climate emergency and the serious deterioration of biodiversity in the Perú, Colombia, Chile and Brazil – particularly in the Amazon – as well as the existing opportunities to contribute collectively to the construction of desirable scenarios of sustainable development.

Theory of Change

Environmental Justice and Climate Change Litigation in the Amazon region is underserved by lawyers with a sustainable approach, therefore there is a need to build an Environmental Law Clinic in all the Universities in the region. The clinics provide opportunities for students and professors to work together on practical legal cases that protect the environment. By increasing the number of universities with Environmental Legal Clinics there will be an increase in the number of lawyers with experience of environmental and climate change litigation and therefore an increase in the number of communities that have legal advice about environmental cases. In the long term, this will achieve increased environmental justice and improved environmental regulations.

Approach and Actions

The legal clinic is a course and, at the same time, a method of teaching law; through which students lead, investigate, participate, and manage real cases of public interest. The students of the course identify an environmental public interest case, design and develop a legal strategy for real action, Implement and analyze the strategies, execute dialogues with stakeholders, negotiations with entities, and relevant legal reports; and, follow up and monitor the results.

The alliance of clinics aims to promote the following; the comprehensive, interdisciplinary and practical training of law students; public interest actions that contribute to the environmental sustainability of investment and development projects; and improved compliance with international, national and local environmental regulations. The alliance also seeks to generate academic synergies, establish spaces for academic dialogue, exchange information and positive experiences, access technical and financial cooperation, and generate working alliances through joint legal actions. The alliance is open to collaborating with other clinics or universities to promote its teaching model to strengthen the defence of the environment.


There has been an increase in the number of Universities with Environmental Legal Clinics which has already increased the number of lawyers with knowledge, skills, and legal tools that can protect the environment and contribute to building a more sustainable world with environmental justice at its core.

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