ASIST club (Ambassadors of Sustainability Innovation Science and Technology

Group 28

Location: Middle East, UAE


Partnership: Greening Communities


Language: English


Format: Curriculum Development, Extracurricular Activities


Audience: Policymakers, School Leaders, Teachers

Meet the teacherLinks

Rajashree Tanpure

With 22 years of teaching, my journey in Dubai, UAE, has been enriching. Guiding 13 to 17-year-old students and nurturing their talents is my passion. I’m proud to be recognized as a top teacher and to have coached students to victory in interschool and international contests. My commitment to fostering a positive learning environment drives me. Moreover, I’ve established a sustainability club with the help of my colleagues to promote environmental consciousness within the school community. I’m dedicated to raising awareness about climate change, instilling eco-consciousness in my students. The joy of witnessing my students’ accomplishments and contributing to their growth motivates me every day. Teaching isn’t just a profession; it’s my inspiration to empower the next generation, make a meaningful impact on their lives, and create environmentally conscious citizens.

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Rajashree and a team of science teachers started a climate change club to give students opportunities to understand the intricacies of climate change, to work together to produce reasoned responses to the crisis and to come together with other like-minded students to share learning and ideas.

Theory of Change

Today’s students are the world’s future leaders. The team strongly believes that if their students are inspired to stop climate change due to their; passion for the environment, concern for future generations, focus on well-being and hope for a better future; they will advocate for change and work towards a more sustainable and resilient world.

Approach and Actions

The ASIST club (Ambassadors of Sustainability Innovation Science and Technology) is formed of a group of students and the team of science teachers who give guidance to the students. The club gives students an opportunity to interact with accomplished experts working towards climate change, analyse complex environmental issues, evaluate potential solutions, develop action plans and execute them. Through research, data analysis and critical thinking; students have developed valuable problem-solving skills that can be applied not only to environmental issues but also to other real-world challenges they may encounter in their lives.


The club has also hosted Inter School Competitions for two consecutive years on themes such as ‘clean energy, green energy’ in 2022-23 and ‘Sustainability Science_ Innovations for a resilient future’ in 2023-24. Almost 15 schools from the UAE participated in these competitions. Students exhibited self-designed innovative solutions using Lego and other sustainable resources.